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This conceptual body of work utilizes mixed media and photography to explore themes surrounding societal norms and power structures and how they relate to women. It addresses the prevalence of the male gaze, the objectification of women, and the influence of gender stereotypes on young girls. The work acknowledges the disappearance of the individual as women conform to cultural typecasting and unrealistic beauty standards.

Through exploration of common themes that are often accepted and overlooked by society, the work brings to light the need to identify and address these ongoing standards. The work resensitizes and awakens an awareness of prescribed roles and the potential danger.

Specimen highlights the ongoing pressure that women face to be flawless not only in their own appearance, but also their actions. The title alludes to the persona that is presented by women and expected by society. It calls attention to the notion of women being nothing more than an item for display or examination. Specimen embodies unforgiving cultural norms and the notion of women being nothing more than a commodity.
Specimen 001, 15"x19", Mixed MediaSpecimen 002, 5 - 3"x3", Color PhotographsInfant Female, 3"x3", Color PhotographYoung Adult Female, 3"x3", Color PhotographYoung Female, 3"x3", Color PhotographAdult Female, 3"x3", Color PhotographSenior Female, 3"x3", Color PhotographSpecimen 003, 15"x19", Color Photographs