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Been a Boy

Informed by my own experiences, my practice dismantles unforgiving cultural norms and power structures that shape traditional gender stereotypes and expectations. Through photography, mixed media, and video, I highlight the ongoing inequities that women face.

In my most recent work, Been a Boy, I deconstruct expected norms in the domestic and public space. The photographs are a symbol of empowerment for women. From a young girl playing football to a woman of color conducting an orchestra, these women break through gender stereotypes with confidence and grace. They are everyday heroes that have quietly stepped into these positions.

Beginning at an early age, my notion of gender roles was formed through my cultural heritage, media, and community. Education was emphasized but so was ‘finding a man that could take care of you.’ Go to college, get your degree and then stay home to cook, clean, and take care of the kids. Women have long been confined to domestic roles. In my video piece for Been a Boy, these inequities take center stage, along with the unrealistic beauty standards that are expected of women. The video incorporates current headlines that emphasize the contemporary nature of these ongoing issues.

Been a Boy addresses the need for continued awareness of the oppression of women in the home and the public sphere, but most importantly, it is a celebration of the women that break the glass ceiling.