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The Perfect Specimen

This work focuses on the loss of identity through traditional gender roles and expectations as well as the idealization of beauty. The series addresses the disappearance of the individual as one conforms to social constructs and our culture of unrealistic beauty standards.

The use of the smiling face emphasizes the silencing of women through the stand in identity. The emoji becomes a contradiction of contemporary symbolism and outdated societal norms placed upon women. The photographs explore the minutiae of being traditionally female with a tongue-in-cheek approach. This satirical perspective is a commentary on the dismissive tendencies of society towards women.

The title, The Perfect Specimen, highlights the ongoing pressure that women face to be flawless not only in their own appearance, but also their actions. The title alludes to the persona that is presented by women and expected by society. The word specimen calls attention to the notion of women being nothing more than an item for display or examination. The words coupled together embody the unforgiving cultural norms.
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